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The Poppy Stone V1
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The poppy has been a symbol of respect, remembrance, and thanks, to all those that have lost their lives or have been injured in conflicts the world over. This symbolic flower was first adopted by the Royal British Legion as an emblem in the UK in 1921.


As a symbol of hope for a peaceful future, it remains as relevant today as it did 100+ years ago. The Poppy Stone is my own personal creation intended to act as a permanent token of remembrance and gratitude to all in the armed forces that have given unconditionally of themselves fighting for our freedom. It is hand-cast and hand-painted and every stone is unique. A glossy resin coating gives the stone complete weather protection. It can be displayed on a wall or building (a hanger is installed on the back) or it can rest against planters or flower beds.


Each stone is made from strong concrete and painted with love and compassion. Display with pride.